The Five Top Lawyers in the World

In the legal profession, there is a saying that “the most expensive the lawyer the good the top lawyer”, meaning in order to get a very good lawyer to fix your problem you must be willing to part with a good amount of cash. There are those people that will not mix out when one is talking about who is the who in the legal world.

  1. Jose Angel Baez      


He is among the most renowned top lawyers in the World today; he was born in October 17, 1968 in Manhattan, New York and went to the St. Thomas University School of law. He has had many successful cases which include; the case of Antony, who was acquitted of murder in July 2011 which placed him on the global map. There was also the case of Elvira Garcia an illegal Mexican immigrant who had been accused of kidnaping but he was cleared of all those cases through his expertise. He went through a lot of up and downs before making it and these will be a good influence to the upcoming lawyers.

  1. John Gregory Branca


He is a renowned entertainment lawyer all over the world; he was born in December 11, 1950 in Bronxville, New York and went to UCLA school of Law. He is famously known for defending the 30 members of the famous rock and roll house of fame and was recently named in the 2016 issue of the billboard magazine the best top lawyer. He can make a good influence to the young upcoming lawyers with his expertise and hard dedication to the law.

  1. Thomas Arthur Mesereau


He is an American attorney born in July 1, 1950 in West Point, New York. He studied law at the University of California, Castings College of law. He is famous globally for defending the renowned pop star Michael Jackson, who had been accused of 14 counts of child Molesting and having all those charges dropped. The National Trial lawyers named him the best trial lawyer of the year 2015. He can be a good mentor for young law students because he takes risks and beats the odds that have been termed impossible.

  1. Harish Salve


He is India’s most popular and leading top lawyer, born on June 22 1956, in Maharashtra, his expertise lies in the areas of Constitutional, Commercial and Taxation Laws. He has won major successful cases among them; the case of the renowned actor Salman Khan, who had been sued for a hit and run case. Currently he charges 30 rupees per day. He should be the ideal lawyer to mentor young lawyers because of his experience and successful cases over the years.

  1. Vikki Ziegler


She is a Multi-talented attorney at law; he studied law in the Quinnipiac college school of law in Hamden Connecticut. She is specialized in the field of matrimonial cases and civil matters. She has dealt with high profile cases dealing with divorce; she is also a television personality who impacts the public with her legal experience in divorce matters. She teaches all these out of what she went through and she can become a good mentor to young aspiring lawyers since she can inform them that they can use their personal experience to change the legal profession.


These five top lawyers have met all odds and proved they are worthy to be named among the top five best lawyers all over the world. Though there had work and dedication we can say they are worth every single penny no matter how expensive they are. These can be a good influence to all the aspiring young lawyers all over the world.

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