Why Are Product Reviews Important You Are Shopping?

The Role of Product Review in Making Right Shopping Choices When Using Amazon Shopping Web Site

product reviews

Product review on goods are important to successful online marketers who want to generate high sales. Most of them invest much time and resources to have quality reviews on their products. They recognize the influence that websites such as total reviewer has on the buying behavior of their customers. Amazon customers rely on these reviews in making right shopping choices. Let us see how important the reviews are.

Quality reviews credible sources of different experiences

Many customers find themselves in a dilemma while making a buying decision due to lack of enough unbiased information.  They need an information source that they can rely on. They do not depend on the manufacturers’ information about the product, since they are certain that almost no seller will disclose the dark side of a commodity. It is only the consumer who can tell how good or bad a product is after using it. However, no one source can be trusted in giving information about all products since no single person can use every product in the market. Therefore, before making their buying decisions, customers want to read multiple product reviews from other clients who have personally used the specific product. It is, therefore, wise to consider choosing a product with many total reviews.

Dimensional Research’s survey shows that 67% of customers read around six product reviews for them to trust a product enough and buy it. 79% of them trust these reviews the same way they do to personal recommendations. Reviews help the customers know about the pros and cons of a product from people who have first-hand experience. Almost no customer will buy a product from Amazon without having a look at its reviews.

product reviews

Both negative and positive product reviews matter to customers

Dimensional Research’s survey also indicates that positive online reviews influenced approximately 90 % of customers who read online reviews in deciding whether or not to purchase a product. On the other hand, negative online reviews influenced 86% of the customers in making their purchasing decisions. Both positive and negative product reviews are important for sites like Amazon to close sales. Many customers don’t depend on total reviews of a product, but will also want to know how genuine the reviews are. It doesn’t beat logic for a product to have hundreds of positive reviews without no single negative review-nothing can be that perfect.  On the other hand, almost no customers will buy a product having more negative reviews than the negative ones since it will be an indication that the product is of poor quality.

PRODUCT reviews are a source of further information from manufacturers

In the Amazon product review section, customers ask questions regarding a product if its description doesn’t offer sufficient information. The manufacturer may intervene and offer clarifications and solutions where required. If the customers are convinced by the explanation that the product is of high quality, they will most likely buy it.

Don’t rely on just total reviews of a product when making your buying decision.  Seek to have an in-depth knowledge of a product by referring to quality reviews of products. Top Reviewer offers you unlimited reviews that will help you make the best shopping choice when using the Amazon shopping website.

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